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High Country MCL Member Runs in the Old Glory Relay

two runners carrying a flag
Tim Hudak (left) and Stephen Hudak run in the Old Glory Relay north of Statesville, NC

The Marine and his brother participated with several others to run the American Flag on October 15th, 2021 from Troutman, NC to Wilkesboro, NC as part of the 2,400+ mile Old Glory Relay hosted by Team Red, White & Blue.

The Old Glory Relay made its way through Statesville and Iredell County on Friday as runners carrying the American flag trotted down Wilkesboro Highway.

“It’s an opportunity for veterans, civilians, supporters, Americans to come together to do a small part that adds up to a big accomplishment,” Tim Hudak, one of the runners, said. “That’s something we all want to see right now.”

The runners, veterans or not, took pride in carrying the flag and keeping the relay going through Iredell County as it headed toward Wilkes County. While this group of runners began in Troutman on Friday, the flag itself left Ground Zero in New York on Sept. 11 and is headed to Atlanta for a Nov. 11 arrival on Veterans Day as part of a nine-state, 2,400-mile, 62-day journey according to the event’s organizers with Team Red, White, and Blue. Team RWB is a nonprofit founded by veterans working to solve the epidemic of loneliness through physical activity and connecting them to the community.


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