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We had a great Marine Corps Christmas / New Year celebration at Boondocks in West Jefferson. Looking forward to 2022 in the High Country!

This year we ran Toys for Tots in Ashe County for the 6th year, serving more than 150 kids and families with toys (and meals from the Salvation Army!). Thank you to everyone who contributed, volunteered, or spread the word. We especially want to thank Luke and Tammy Whichard for all the hard work we could see but especially the countless hours we could not see.

What an amazing West Jefferson Holiday Parade! Just about everyone in Ashe county attended and so did the Marines! We had a bag piper, two serious trucks, a convertible, an awesome jeep, candy, sailors, soldiers, and even some jarheads!

We held our annual Marine Corps Birthday Ball at Boondocks in West Jefferson. It did not disappoint! Although we toned some of the celebrations down due to COVID-19, we didn't skimp on any of our traditions to celebrate the birth of our Corps! Happy Birthday Chesty - wherever you are.

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